Over 50 Years

Short history of Wiedners-Wasserspiele...

The Alpine garden of water features was founded by Friedrich Wiedners, a talented local carpenter, in 1946.
Friedrich Wiedners is well known in the area for his patents: grain shovels, tool handles, and many more, which he sold all over Austria.
In 1959 he had the idea to build a small Venetian saw in Waldbach in the orchard next to his house. This Venetian saw was the first water feature and the start of the Alpine garden you see today. It was followed by water wheels, cable cars, brandy yards, Peter Rosegger’s birthplace, Kaprun power station, the Semeringbahn, watermill, smithy, stamping, various wooden carved figures and works of art, etc.

All the features are powered by water, so a 65,000 liter water storage tank had to be built for the Alpine garden. The daily water requirement for the features to work is 120,000 liters.

In 2018, Anna Wiedner and her family took over the facility and reopened the Alpine garden and Jausenstation in 2019 after a 5 years hiatus.

Enjoy the opportunity to see an unique and unforgetable water features garden, and try tasty food from our Jausenstation.

Your Wiedner Family